Cheryl Hibbeler

for St. Charles County Council

"Deep roots in our history... strong growth in our future!"

As a candidate for County Council District One, I'd like to hear from my St. Charles County neighbors. If you have any ideas to keep St Charles County moving forward or you'd like to find out what priorities that I've been studying, please call me anytime at 636-272-8160. I still have the same O'Fallon land line I got in 1973. If you prefer that I contact you, feel free to use the form below.

I look forward to hearing from you, and I hope that you'll consider giving me the privilege of serving you on the County Council.

Cheryl Who?

Hibbeler. Cheryl Hibbeler. I'm a lifelong St. Charles County resident -- preceded by eight generations who lived right here in the county council district I want to represent. St. Charles County owes its growth to those who came before us; people like my father, Ollie Hibbeler, who spent a lifetime in O'Fallon, making it a better place to live. His example of public service motivated me to help wherever I could. I spent nine years as an elected legislator in local government, as well as 30 years in various charitable and community organizations. And now, with the direction that we've taken in our federal, state, and local government, I'm even more motivated to participate in public office.

Since I first took an interest in local government, I have met so many wonderful people in my community. Regardless of our political views, we all want the same things. We want to be safe and healthy. We want clean air, safe water, good roads, good schools. We want our children to learn and play and grow and ultimately, to be successful. As your County Councilwoman, I pledge to work toward a County that works for all of us!

What Matters


My goals include economic development, creating good jobs with living wages, balancing budgets through efficiency, preventing crime, combating the opioid epidemic, maintaining and growing an outstanding park system, offering health and services to seniors and those with disabilities, working better and more cooperatively with the county's cities and school districts.

Workers' Rights

Our unions and labor organizations are the standard-bearer for higher wages and workplace safety protections. Anti-labor laws hiding behind innocent names like "Right to Work" have led to lower wages, higher healthcare premiums, and more workplace accidents in states where they've passed. Local businesses should get first crack at county contracts, to keep our jobs and tax dollars at home.


As a voter, I look for honesty in candidates. We may not agree across the board, but if they're honest with me and stick to their word, I'll respect them and may give them my vote. As a candidate, I work to earn the respect and trust of voters through honesty. I believe in speaking my truth and keeping my word instead of telling people what I think they want to hear simply to get their votes.


I want to help make St. Charles County a more welcoming place to all people. My goal is to be cooperative with regional initiatives and the other leaders in the region like St. Louis County and City as well as Lincoln and Warren Counties. We all do better when we work with each other and we don't try to steal businesses away from each other through huge TIFs and other tax incentives.


St. Charles County must offer all its citizens the tools of success. The administration and records of County government must be easily accessible to our residents. Information on the annual budget should be shared more proactively so that the citizens can see if their taxes are well spent. I support the guiding principles of truth, accuracy, independence, transparency, and accountability to the public I would serve.


As public servants, I believe candidates have a responsibility to keep political discourse civil. If elected officials with opposing viewpoints stay focused on the issues and not on demonizing "the other side," the people benefit. New solutions are found; problems get solved; the community as a whole moves forward instead of becoming mired in resentful stalemates. This matters!

Let's Meet!

In-person conversations are the best way to get people talking, learning from each other, and getting the work done.

How can we meet?

How can we have a conversation about what makes St. Charles County such a good place to live? How can we have a conversation about how we can keep it that way and, of course, make it better?

I'll be visiting every neighborhood in the district. My plan is to start the conversations closer to my home in O'Fallon. I'll work my way out from there.

You'll see me somewhere along the campaign trail as I work my way westerly. Let's talk and listen and see if we can find a way, again to make St Charles County better than ever.

Watch my website blog and Facebook too for updates on which neighborhood I will be visiting and when.


Cheryl Hibbeler

819 Lauralee Drive
O'Fallon, MO 63366

Want to help shape the future of St. Charles County?
You're welcome to join the following organizations:

St. Charles County Progressive Dems

Meets every 3rd Thursday

League of Women Voters - St. Charles Unit

Meets every 2nd Tuesday

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